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$122.04 $36.57 Outside EU: $30.22

New Balance CRT300 FO – Classic Tennis shoe – Revlite Sole – Suede & Mesh uppers – Clean and classic court sneakers. Shop New Balance now.

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The New Balance CRT300 FO is a court sneaker from New Balance that has been around since 1979. It’s a classic tennis shoe that has been worn by many pro-tennis players back in the days.

The New Balance CRT300 FO features a gum rubber outsole encased in a polyurethane core. Designed to provide superb traction and unsurpassed shock absorbency.

High-quality cow suede leather uppers lined with leather, tricot, and foam for strength and comfort.

The sneakers are reinforced with the exclusive NB extended saddle providing motion control and stress reduction. The moulded heel counter creates rearfoot stability.

Details of the New Balance CRT300 FO:
-Unisex men and women sizes available
-Classic tennis shoe
-Mesh uppers combined with suede
-Gum rubber sole
-Moulded heel counter
-Revlite sole for cushioning

New Balance is founded in 1906 by William J. Riley a Brit who emigrated to the US. In the early year, Riley focussed on manufacturing arch supports and other related accessories to improve the fit of shoes in the Boston (US) area.

One of his first designs was the flexible arch support; with a “three support point” to create a better balance and comfort while walking. The story goes that this first design and the name “New Balance” has been inspired on the foot of a chicken; Riley observed his chicken in his backyard and used the chicken’s foot to demonstrate the three-pronged chicken foot resulted in perfect balance.

Nowadays New Balance is one of the world biggest sneaker and sportswear brands on earth. Cool thing is that it’s still privately owned. New Balance is the only sneaker brand that still produces a few key models in the United States and the United Kingdom. These Made in US/Made in UK models are made fully by hand in their factories with materials that are sourced in the same country. Resulting in one of the highest standards and quality sneakers available.

Fits true to size. Sizes in EU / US.

36 4 3.5 22
37 4.5 4 22.5
37.5 5 4.5 23
37.5 5 4.5 23
38 5.5 5 23.5
38.5 6 5.5 24
39.5 6.5 6 24.5
40 7 6.5 25
40.5 7.5 7 25.5
41.5 8 7.5 26
42 8.5 8 26.5
42.5 9 8.5 27
43 9.5 9 27.5
44 10 9.5 28
44.5 10.5 10 28.5
45 11 10.5 29