Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses Timeless Mash
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Shop the Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses Timelesss Mash online in our store. Han Kjobenhavn Timeless are beautiful and subtile sunglasses from Han Kjobenhavn.

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The Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses Timeless Mash are beautiful and subtile shaped sunglasses from Han Kjobenhavn. The Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Mash features a new colour combination.
It’s made from Dark Green Italian acetate, which has subtile “flames”. The inside of the frame is made from a slightly lighter green.

The sunglasses from Han Kjobenhavn are all made by hand from high quality Italian made acetate. Acetate is a lightweight but very strong material and therefore used in more exclusive sunglasses. Besides a sturdy frame the Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses Timeless Mash feature Carl Zeiss lenses which combine great with the frame.

Carl Zeiss lenses are one of the best lenses on the market today and provide protection and comfort in sunny conditions. All Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses feature 100% UVA and UVB protection.

The Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses come in a hardcase box with a fleece pocket for your sunglasses and a lens cloth to keep your lens clean and free from scratches.

Details of Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses Timeless Mash:
– Designed for men and women
– Unique green mash colour
– 100% handmade
– Italian acetate
– Carl Zeiss lenses
– 100% UVA and UVB protection

Han Kjobenhavn is a clothing brand from Denmark founded in 2008 and is being praised by it’s original collections and is known for it’s high quality denim jeans with great fit. Besides clothing Han Kjobenhavn focusses strongly on eyewear and footwear and is becoming a brand that provides everything a man needs from head to toe.

Not only the simple, innovative and aesthetically elements of the designs attract us. It’s the whole combination; clothing, eyewear, footwear and film that make Han Kjobenhavn a special brand. More info about Han Kjobenhavn can be found on the website of Han Kjobenhavn.

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