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The DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap Mahogany Bowl is a really great product from DR Harris. The Bowl is a one of a kind hand made bowl and features a Arlington shaving soap that can be applied to your skin with a wet badger shaving brush.

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The DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap Mahogany Bowl is a really great product from DR Harris. The Bowl is a one of a kind hand made bowl and features a Arlington shaving soap that can be applied to your skin with a wet badger shaving brush. The bowl is carefully made in England and the soap can be replaced with a new one (a so called refill) The Arlington scent is part of the best selling range from DR Harris and has light citrus notes which are mixed with hints of fern.

The soap is a solid white soap made from very high quality and is “triple-milled” to increse the profuseness of the lather. Besides that the DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap Mahogany Bowl is very concentrated so you can shave up to 3 months with one soap! When you apply the soap on the skin it will create a soft and nice lather for the ultimate Hunting Man shaving expericence.

To get a propper shave, begin with hydrating your face with warm water for about 3 minutes. The best way to create a good lather is to apply the wet shaving brush to the soap by taking the shaving bowl in the palm of your hand and the shaving brush in your other hand. Lather up in the bowl and apply the shaving cream on your face with a gentile circular motion.

The benefits of a badger brush is that it creates a nice lather, so you razor will run smooth over your skin. Besides that the hairs of the badger brush make you facial hair “stand up”. This way you get a really nice and clean shave. If you use a shaving soap (which is less greasy than a cream) a shaving brush is your only option when applying the soap on your skin.

When the blade is on your face don’t force it and use gentle and light strokes. Start shaving with the grain, and rinse your razor frequently to remove soap and hairs. For the occassions when you want to get an extra smooth shave, shave agains the grain.

When you are shaving in difficult areas try to pull your skin taut. When your done, rinse your skin with cold water to seal your pores, and make your skin to feel soft en smooth. For the ultimate shaving experiance use an aftershave to condition your skin and keep it hydrated, when you use a aftershave from DR Harris it also smells really good and you can combine it with a cologne with the same fragrance.

Combine this great product with one of the DR Harris’ shaving accessories and aftershaves for the ultimate hunting man shaving experience.

DR Harris is one of the oldest chemists and perfumers from England and has a great history. When using the products of D.R. Harris you feel the quality and authenticity of this brand and the experience they have in men grooming products.

The story of DR Harris begins just before 1790 at No. 11 St. James’s Street where Harris’s Apothecary set up shop (middle in the capital of England; London). Over the next 50 years the family established a reputation in selling Lavender Water, Classic Cologne and English Flower perfumes to this fashionable quarter of London.

One of the proprietors named Henry Harris, was a surgeon, while Daniel Rotely Harris, who is said to have given the present shop its name, was an early Pharmaceutical Chemist.

For over two centuries this family business in the center of men’s clubland has served the gentry and the Court of St. James’s. In 1938 DR Harris were granted the Royal Warrant as chemist to her Majesty the Queen, later known as The Queen Mother. Continuing there traditions, in 2002, DR Harris was granted the Royal Warrant as chemists to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) and in 2012 they were granted a Royal Warrant as Pharmacist and Pharmacy supplies to Her Majesty The Queen.

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