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Our Legacy Splash

Our Legacy Splash
May 9, 2016 Hunting Ensemble

We are happy to introduce the Our Legacy Splash collection.

The Splash collection is an in-season (themed) release from Swedish clothing brand Our Legacy. The collection can be seen as an extention of the Our Legacy spring/summer “SYNDROME” collection.

The SPLASH-collection dwells on the idea of how people and garments are affected by the environment they spend quality time in. Tourist wear such as souvenir style tees, psychedelic prints and breezy linen garments are seen next to shiny white silks, a bonded scuba track suit and faded, pale camouflage fabrics; a sun bleached luxury furlough. Imagine toxic looking dyes and military garments in innocent pinks, created to achieve the feeling of someone getting struck by a tropic fever, twisting their mind.

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