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Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses

Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses
May 27, 2017 Hunting Ensemble


Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses

The Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses are one of the most classic and iconic looking sunglasses we know, yet they always add a modern twist to the sunglasses collection.
All the sunglasses from Han Kjobenhavn are made from sturdy Italian acetate material. Acetate is a plant-based plastic which is hypoallergenic. The material is first used for sunglasses and eyewear in the late 1940’s. Acetate is a perfect material for frames since it’s strong yet very lightweight and flexible. Besides that, it doesn’t deteriorate due to sunlight (which is quite essential for a pair of sunglasses!).


The sunglasses from Han Kjobenhavn feature Carl Zeiss lenses (Model: CR39) which are widely acclaimed for one of the best filterings of sunlight. The lenses come in different colors (such as gray, green, and mirrored) and are all UVA and UVB proof!

We’ve got one of the largest Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses collections available varying from the popular Timeless and Doc but also newly introduced models such as the Stable and Green.

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